This is the story of a right-sized business designed to help people uncover their Natural Talents and discover work that brings meaning to their careers and to our world.

A Surprising Start

It all began in 2008 at the start of a worldwide financial crisis. Tim Mooney, career coach and soon-to-be publisher of The Life Steward online community, became the director of admissions for a private university in the Pacific Northwest. Right away, he discovered that most potential students don’t know what they want to be (or do) once they are grown up. They look to colleges or universities to help them figure it out, but that is too much to expect from an academic experience. There had to be something else – something better.

By 2010, Tim went on a quest to adjust direction for the middle of his own career. He found tools he needed and saw how to help other adults figure out career paths to fit them. That’s when Tim got licensed to offer the same tools which helped him. Then, things got really interesting as he started coaching teammates, coworkers, and adult students under the radar. Something really clicked.

In 2013, Natural Talent Careers opened to help grown-ups figure out their Natural Talents and use them to plot a course for their careers. Now, there are discovery tools, coaching services, and live events to help – no matter the location, regardless of work experience.

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