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After graduating with a degree in civil engineering, I set about finding an entry-level position with an engineering firm in structural and geotechnical engineering. After sending myriads of applications and resumes to employers, it became apparent I would have to practice patience and perseverance in order to use my engineering skills. That’s where I was when I met Tim Mooney. The biggest benefit I received from Tim’s coaching was the confidence to pursue different paths and opportunities that I might not have otherwise discovered. After completing Career Match™, I quickly realized that while civil/structural engineering was my primary passion, I also have an interest in teaching. That led to an instructional position with the local school district which lets me develop my interest in teaching while also pursuing a master’s degree in engineering. My goal is still in engineering, but I am thankful for the chance to develop other important skills and research other paths for the future. I highly recommend Natural Talent Careers and Tim’s coaching services. He is an encouraging listener who challenges you to look outside the box and offers a systematic solution to find your dream career. He brings great expertise and wisdom in the public and private sectors, knowing the tools needed to research each option. Having a coach like Tim will bring great hope to your future.
Hal K.
Engineer and Educator - Salem, Oregon
I was fortunate enough to complete Career Match™ and receive coaching from Tim Mooney to get insight into myself and my true passions. The process was very eye opening about who I am and how I'm hardwired. Nearly every result I received had something to do with natural health or medicine. While I wasn't prepared to become an MD in holistic medicine, I wanted to be a yoga teacher since high school. With my assessment results, it was clear that freelance work was the right path for me. Now, I work as a private contractor teaching yoga classes at studios in my hometown. I also picked up steady and enjoyable work as a freelance fitness and wellness writer for a national outlet. My goal is to become a yoga therapist, offering one-on-one yoga sessions for those who need healing in their lives. I feel like I have the confidence to pursue that goal. Tim's coaching was helpful for me. He has lots of insight to offer. The entire experience was enjoyable and beneficial. I recommend Natural Talent Careers. The experience could set you on a path to discover your true passions.
Shawnee R.
Yoga with Shawnee - Salem, Oregon