Career Pioneer

Career Pioneer

Get Set for Your Own Career Adventure.

Career Pioneer supplies the roadmap and steps so you can do the rest yourself.

Narrow down the world of work for $325.


Load up your wagon train, pilgrim. We give you the tools, then it’s your turn to make your mark.
Career Pioneer helps you explore jobs and organizations where you can make the most of your Natural Talents.
Wagons, Ho. Career adventure awaits!


The Career Pioneer includes:

15-Page Aptitude Summary

Your Career Match™ Report

Exclusive How-To Guides

2 Coaching Sessions

Narrow down the world of work for $325.

More about Career Pioneer

  • 15-Page Aptitude Summary. A comprehensive report describing YOU – your Natural Talents, suitable positions and duties, preferred organizations, and work priorities. It’s all based on your answers to self-discovery exercises from the proven Career Match™ assessment.
  • Your Career Match™ Report. At least 50 suitable job titles for you to explore from among the top 10 organization types matching your preferences and priorities. Magically, we boil down more than 90,000 possible job titles into a manageable ShortList!
  • 2 Coaching Sessions. Your trained career coach will help you interpret your Aptitude Summary and Career Match™ Report. You will also learn how to explore the Jobs ShortList and search for compatible organizations. Includes up to 2 hours of one-on-one coaching.
  • Exclusive Guides. How to use online tools to find employers from three major organizational types (business, government, non-profit) and within your locale of choice. Also, practical definitions of all Natural Talents for future reference.

Career Pioneer


Tools and do-it-yourself steps

Get a roadmap and use our tools to blaze your own trail to a career you’ve only dreamed about.

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Sherpa Expedition


Fastest and most complete

Follow your Natural Talent clues with an experienced sherpa guide to help along the way.

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Talent Explorer


See there, you are talented

Learn about your unique Natural Talents. See how your hard-wiring can make your work zing.

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