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Here’s everything you need to select the work that best uses your Natural Talents. It takes some effort, the right tools, and a few solid decisions – but the good news is it’s not that hard to accomplish!

Time is money.

Many people invest 4-6 years in education and hunt for a good job over 6-9 months or more. Then, they spend 2-3 years working at the job they find. All this, just to discover the career decision they invested in doesn’t really fit them like they hoped.

Time spent heading in the wrong direction is costly. It takes more time, money, and energy when you have to backtrack in order to get on a better-suited career path.

What if you could make a more reasonable investment of time and energy before committing to a new career direction?

Job hunting feels like my Christmas wish list!

The traditional job search generally amounts to hoping that a good employer will swoop in and choose you for a great position – like Career Santa!

Sadly, the odds of that happening are very slim, especially if you lack clear direction for your work life. Even if you are picked, there is still no guarantee the position for which you’re chosen will be something you like. And who knows whether you’re going to be good at either!

Would you rather choose your position and select your employer instead?

Natural Talents are better indicators for career direction.

It’s time to regain confidence about your work life. You can use your Natural Talents in a well-fitting job in order to make the kind of difference you want to make in the world.

The approach used by Natural Talent Careers has worked for hundreds of people. Our solutions helped a growing list of people to narrow down suitable job matches and research their own short-list of target jobs.

Check out some of our client stories.

Learn how to start your own Natural Talent Career Adventure!


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Self-Assessment. Take a little bit of time to answer questions about yourself: experiences, likes and dislikes, and what is important to you. Then, we use that information to formulate a listing of your specific Natural Talents. Seems like magic, but it’s actually a little bit of science.


Customized Reports about YOU. We use your Natural Talent clues to identify a short list of jobs that are likely to be a great fit for you. Plus, we’ll identify the kinds of organizations that employ people in those jobs. What could be easier?


Advice and Guidance. Work directly with a trained, experienced coach to interpret your reports. Your coach will help you set a plan of action to research target jobs and find preferred organizations. We will help you rapidly discover whether That Job is for you.

You will learn:

  • Which job duties will utilize your natural talents?
  • What are the most important steps to take in job searching – and which ones you don’t have to worry about?
  • How can you dramatically increase the likelihood your chosen job will fit who you are and what is important to you?
  • How to locate organizations that are eagerly looking for someone just like you for their position?
  • Most importantly, how can you figure out all of this without killing yourself? (Sure, you’re willing to work as hard as it takes—but not on things that don’t matter.)



How is The Natural Talent Career Adventure delivered?

You’ll receive instructions on how to complete the self-assessment. Then, your coach will contact you to set up interpretation and coaching sessions – either face-to-face or remotely, depending upon your location.

Which adventure should I order?

It’s really up to you. Each version includes the Aptitude Summary with Natural Talents, work positions, and preferred organizations. The full packages include more informative reports and research guides for anyone who wants to take the shortest path.

Are there any disadvantages to doing this on my own?

Sure, you could search for jobs on your own – for free, so to speak. However, if it’s important to you to shorten the time it takes – and avoid the financial burden of unwarranted education – there are some things you need to know and do. Just remember, the decisions you make at the beginning of your career will impact options available to you later.

If I’m a college student, will this help?

You bet. Figuring out a career direction based on Natural Talents is even better at the start. Your Career Adventure will help with deciding on a major, finding a suitable internship, or launching an effective job search before you even graduate.

Are you serious about the guarantee?

YES, very serious. By purchasing, you are committing to hold us to the the guarantee. Take the self-assessment. Put the advice and action plan into motion. Experience the power of meeting That Person who works in your Target Job. If you don’t, we will return the refundable portion of your package.

I don’t live in the U.S.—is this for me?

While the U.S. is the country of origin for organizations from which the Career Match™ Report selects job titles, you don’t have to live there to discover your Natural Talents and jobs short list. Employers all over the developed world are interested in talented people, no matter where they live.

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Career Pioneer

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  • 15-Page Aptitude Summary
  • Your Career Match™ Report
  • Exclusive How-To Guides

Sherpa Expedition

  • 5 Sherpa Sessions
  • 15-Page Aptitude Summary
  • Your Career Match™ Report
  • Step-by-Step Research Protocol
  • Exclusive How-To Guides
  • PLUS! Informational Interview Tools

Talent Explorer

  • Customized Interpretation Session
  • 15-Page Aptitude Summary
  • Practical Natural Talent Definitions